Les Deux Salons | Decent food in a lovely venue (oh, and the bread)

Les Deux Salons is one of those restaurants that are very decent. It does not boast heart-stopping food, the service is so and so but overall the experience is good – if a little bit on the expensive side.

Apparently it is the third venture from Michelin–starred duo Anthony Demetre and Will Smith – which to me doesn’t mean a lot but I’m adding it to the post just in case anyone is impressed by the names rather than the actual venue and food.

You will find it just off Trafalgar Square and I have to say that it is a space that’s very well done. I love love love the floor and the glass panels on the ceiling as well as the tables and comfy couches (I’m sure they are called something else). It conveys this feeling of old splendour which is slightly at odds with the mismatch of people – a combination of tourists, pre-theatre crowd and office workers. Not that there is anything wrong with any of that (I think we counted as tourists when we went) I’m just saying that I half expected everyone in there to be in their Sunday best.

Les Deux Salons

Les Deux Salons

Les Deux Salons

Food-wise they have a bit of a weird menu. I am fine with the foie gras in a “Parisian style brasserie” (I imagine the Parisians rolling their eyes like I roll mine whenever I walk into a Greek style restaurant) but hot dog and fish pie? Slightly bizarre.

We went for the foie gras (as you do) first which gives me the perfect opportunity to rant on this one. Who in the name of all the food gods thought that two slivers of toasted bread are enough for a good chunk of foie gras? I see this in every single restaurant I order foie gras in. BRING ME THE BREAD PEOPLE!

Which brings me on to something Les Deux Salons does really well: Bread. Now bread, is important. The Greeks do not eat without bread, end of story. If you ever have a Greek over for dinner do not even think of serving one slice of bread. You need to bring the whole loaf to the table and the bread needs to remain there for the duration of the meal. Which is why I wanted to kiss our waiter when he kept filling up the bread basket. Huge kisses go your way for that one Les Deux Salons, well done.

The young chicken with lemon & garlic was really well cooked (that crispy skin did it for me) and they thoughtfully bring a some water with a lemon slice in for your hands. Lovely people. The s.o. really liked the slow cooked Welsh lamb. He also liked the spring vegetables that come with it, which is a bit weird for him as he is a carnivore through and through.

Les Deux Salons

Les Deux Salons

Les Deux Salons

Les Deux Salons

Les Deux Salons

Les Deux Salons

On that Saturday we had spent the morning walking around in the Thames and catching up with a mate at the BFI cafe (more on that another time). We were pretty annoyed with the weather and somewhat tired. Les Deux Salons was a really nice place to be in and we really did have a great time – even though we are great people, needless to say.

Price-wise I would say it’s too expensive for the food it offers. The chicken was £16.50 – it was good but not that good.

Overall I think Les Deux Salons was very decent, a truly nice place, with decent food. Not a venue I would go out of my way to visit but a good choice if in the area and looking to have a safe meal.

Disclosure: We went to Les Deux Salons on 24 May 2014 and paid for our meal in full. No prior discussion with the restaurant took place.
Les Deux Salons
40 — 42 William IV Street
Tel: 020 7420 2050

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  1. Thanks for the info. Quite interesting place. I live in Athens and I enjoy reading your stuff for the restaurants.
    Thank you indeed. Bonne weekend !!

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