I am loving Grand Central trains

Last weekend I went to Stockton for a bit of RnR which, believe you me, was sorely needed. I had a really lovely time observing the weather up North which is even weirder than London’s. Deluge of rain and then sunny. A bit cloudy and then sunny. Then back to the rain… Ah, Britain, how I love you.

I booked with Grand Central which was equally expensive with another company I could have used. £120 return strikes me as a bit steep from London to Eaglescliffe. Just saying.

However, Grand Central has two things going for it. Space and food.

First of all I have never been in such a spacious train. Seats are wide. Leg room is designed for people and not cattle. Take a look at this photo. I am sitting cross legged, the tray table is down and my knees don’t even reach the end of the table, let alone the seat in front of me. By the way I am not tiny, I am 1,63m (convert it. I am continental).


I really do hope that they are not ready to ‘modernise’ and go for trains which make the journey an experience from hell.

Second thing – very surprisingly – is the food. Now, I use trains quite often and the sandwiches are abysmal. Even the First Class food leaves a lot to be desired. But the Grand Central sandwich I had was surprisingly nice. I went for a B.L.T. before remembering I usually avoid them cause the bacon is vile, cold with coagulated fat which you couldn’t cut with a cleaver. This however was fresh, without any fat in sight and with a good dollop of mayo. They should congratulate their sandwich provider.

All in all a great train to take if you’re headed up North.

Check em out: Grand Central

P.S. I am very grateful to Nik Morris (van Leiden) and his amazing photo, uploaded under Creative Commons right here.

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