From a benefit makeover to a digital makeover

A friend from work had won a benefit boutique makeover, so we descended their Carnaby Street store on a Friday and sat around waiting to be made (more) beautiful. ūüėČ

There were five of us, laughing and taking photos as we went from our normal selves to versions more akin to those glossy magazine photos of young(ish) and health(ier) women. It was good fun, sitting around a pink room, with the make up artists asking what we would prefer and how we normally did our makeup.

So, makeup by a professional completed, my friend N. snapped a nice photo of me and I uploaded it on Instagram (and flickr).

LOVED the #benefit #makeover at Carnaby Street with the girls!!!

A few days later, Mr. Pierre Lindenbaum chanced on the flickr photo and decided to use it for his ‘one drawing per day’ project. So I got a second makeover. A digital one.

Myself by Pierre Lindenbaum
Myself by Pierre Lindenbaum – with kind permission (click)

Pierre reckons he will be looking at his handiwork in a little while and cringe (see his lovely explanation of this effect) but he gave me his kind permission to share his creation.

When things like this happen, I do tend to go off into my little world of academic overdrive, thinking about bricolage but that’s a story for another time.

So, what do you think? Which makeover was best?


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