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Stuff on a Cretan wedding and circle dancing

Just in case you hadn’t heard, young Greeks seem to be migrating abroad en masse. I moved over a decade ago and I used to be one of the very few who had to take an international flight to be at a special occassion but lately more and more of us at those events come from abroad.

This time we took a trip for a wedding taking place in Ierapetra, Crete (the city of never ending summer as my friend Z. calls it).  Continue reading

Travel (and how it’s not about places)

Recently I have been lucky enough (or “blessed” as my American friends tend to say) to travel a lot.

I was going through my photos from a recent trip to Italy tonight, trying to select the ones I’d like to print in a photo-book (yes, I do that, I know I’m old school).

It’s funny. We all take photos of interesting places and most of us, my self included, never manage to capture the essence of a place. Continue reading

My list for Athens

My list of cool things to do/ see/ drink/ eat in Athens. Primarily for me to remember but hey, you might enjoy them too.

Know more good places? Let me know, I’ll visit and consider adding to the list.

Last updated whenever the date of this post is. Continue reading

On touching a statue’s ding dong

The title should basically tell you that when I was young I used to watch College Humour. Anyhow. Back to the story.

In most cities you will usually find a place where doing something will bring you luck or make your wish come true. This could be throwing a coin in the Fontana di Trevi or touching the huge nose of the Marin Držić Statue in Dubrovnik.

Never though have I seen or heard a weirdest “touch and ye shall receive” tradition then the one I found in Paris. Continue reading

List of awesomeness in Istanbul

This is part “how was my trip” post and part “here is a list of cool things to do in Istanbul”.

My lovely mother (@mamadespina), sister (@theodoragk) and I went to Istanbul for a few days in September to spend time together (we don’t live in the same country) and celebrate my name day (don’t ask).

Serious hat tip to A. who was my guide in the city before the ladies joined me and showed me how to navigate and choose nice places. Continue reading

The sound of the kemençe‬ in Istanbul


More on Istanbul on another post but here’s one of the best things that happened to me. Continue reading

On the roof of the Paris Opera

I am a lucky lucky girl. At a recent trip to Paris, I was lucky enough to get a tour of the Paris Opera and actually climb on to the roof.  Continue reading

Stuff I got up to in Miami

Miami striked me as an amazing and very weird place at the same time. International, hot, with some neighbourhoods that felt European and some that felt like they came out of a film.  With naff touristy places and with old school charm in others. Big roads, big buildings, big smiles and Latino charm in abundance.  Continue reading

Amsterdam | A brilliant place (not for the obvious reasons)

If you are looking for a brilliant city – filled with lovely people and great things to do – Amsterdam is a good choice. Forget the rumours, Amsterdam is much more than what you had heard when you were sixteen. Continue reading