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Tailor Made cocktail bar | Tel Aviv

As I walked on Allenby – one of the busiest streets in Tel Aviv – I wasn’t sure what sort of bar I would find at number 99. Tel Aviv is one of those cities where one can find anything when it comes to bars. Formal, loud, for hipsters, for students, easygoing, not so easygoing… the city has a lively nightlife and no mistake. Continue reading

Graphic | A brilliant place with great cocktails

Here’s the short version. Graphic is a lovely bar in the centre of London with great cocktails and really nice music for fun and dancing. There. Here follows the gossip.

I was looking for a venue for my leaving do (yes, I’m leaving my current job, I know, msg me for the news if we’re friends). The office being in central London you’re spoiled for choice. Thank fuck too since I really don’t like pubs. Have I mentioned this before? (there is a crazy glint in my eye). Continue reading

Flat White in Durham | Quirky, yummy, great

Last weekend we were in Durham (and will probably be there quite a lot in the coming year) and it was the first time visiting the city for both my self and the s.o.

Apart for how beautiful Durham is, we were very pleased with the selection of coffee shops and outside spaces (especially me since smoking inside is er…. illegal). The pubs do not hold the same appeal to us. Even though I suspect this is sacrilege to the British psyche, coffee is a lot more important than beer.

We were dying for a nice cup of coffee and the interwebz for very complimentary of Flat White. They were right. Continue reading

A few days around Chalkidiki, Greece

The citizens of Thessaloniki and the surrounding areas have coined the phrase There is nothing like Chalkidiki and they throw it around every time anyone talks about any holiday destination. One of my best friends insists: “I’ve been everywhere. I’ve even been to Cuba. There is nothing like Chalkidiki“. You realise that they are a bit sensitive about the place.

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Radio Rooftop Bar | Amazing views, boring design, extortionate prices

Somehow I ended up at the Radio Rooftop Bar the other day for a quick after-work drink. Perched on the top floor of the old Marconi House (hence the name), now the horribly named ME Hotel, it commands lovely views of London and it reminded me of some of the bars in Athens (we are pretentious, I know).

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