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Berners Tavern | Bland food and rushed service in a great venue

Berners Tavern has all the makings of a great restaurant. An all star team (see Jason Atherton and Phil Carmichael), a breathtaking room, a brilliant wine list and a menu with sufficiently impressive sounding dishes. Somehow though – and I am really amazed that this is actually possible – it all counts for nothing. Berners Tavern was simply disappointing.

I have said from the beginning that for whatever reason I tend to see things differently. And food is definetely something that I couldn’t care less what the specialists think or how famous the chefs are. This is about me having a meal I enjoy. And even though I accept I am in the minority view here, this is my personal blog and the fact is that Berners Tavern is associated with just one phrase in my mind: NEVER AGAIN. Continue reading