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The Drowned Man | An exercise in epistemology

Discussing The Drowned Man with my s.o. (I loved it, he was enraged by it) we soon finished our “did we have fun” and “did we understand it” arguments and moved on to the nature and scope of knowledge. This is good art in my humble opinion. The type that makes you question and discuss the very basis of how you view the world.

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Into the wolf’s mouth | Bocca di Lupo

There is something that is an absolute priority for me when I visit any place. Courtesy. I don’t care how amazing your food is, how excellent your decoration, how many snooty Chelsea – bred people you’ve got sitting around, you are in the service industry/ hospitality sector and you will piss me off if you are rude. This is where the Radio rooftop bar failed spectacularly. This is where Bocca di Lupo wins an epic victory.

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Radio Rooftop Bar | Amazing views, boring design, extortionate prices

Somehow I ended up at the Radio Rooftop Bar the other day for a quick after-work drink. Perched on the top floor of the old Marconi House (hence the name), now the horribly named ME Hotel, it commands lovely views of London and it reminded me of some of the bars in Athens (we are pretentious, I know).

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Bribe, beg and all the rest to see The Winter’s Tale at the Royal Opera House

I don’t expect this to be happening too often (I am a bit of a nag) but this is a post where I’m going to be raving about EVERYTHING.

If you know me (some people have been reading me for a number of years through my other online activities) and trust me (a smaller percentage no doubt) you only need to know this: DO EVERYTHING IN YOUR POWER to watch The Winter’s Tale. There.

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How to book cheap(er) tickers for the Royal Opera House

I’ve been living in London for 12 years and it took me ages to figure out how to get seats at the Royal Opera House for opera and ballet and how to get those tickets cheap(er).

Granted, there are some performances that anything less than £60 is highly unlikely. However, I go to at least one – two performances a month, ever since I discovered how it can be done.

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Polpetto (let’s go again)

It was the Italian Saturday. We had been to The Glamour of Italian Fashion and we were about to die of hunger.

I had heard really good things about an Italian around Soho but seeing how it was all booked (pre-theatre dinner anyone?) we decided to try somewhere else. Browsing on my phone I remembered having read nice things about Polpetto (couldn’t remember what things) and so we headed that way.

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Italian Fashion at the V&A (yes, it’s glamorous)

As a gift (don’t ask), I purchased tickets for The Glamour of Italian Fashion, a lovely retrospective at the V&A, narrating the history of the people and companies responsible for those well dressed Italians from 1945 to 2014.

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