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La Petite Maison | Faultless for a special occasion

We had two reasons to go to La Petite Maison. First of all, one of our friends is a talented chef and he works in their kitchen. Secondly, it seemed to be an ideal place for a special occasion. It was.

Try to book as early as possible. I called about ten days earlier and I managed to get a table for ten (in the evening, yes). This is not an issue for us – we are Greek and prefer eating late generally. On that particular occasion we also had tickets for La Soirée (will blog about it soon) which finished around nine thirty, so ten was just right. Continue reading

Les Deux Salons | Decent food in a lovely venue (oh, and the bread)

Les Deux Salons is one of those restaurants that are very decent. It does not boast heart-stopping food, the service is so and so but overall the experience is good – if a little bit on the expensive side.

Apparently it is the third venture from Michelin–starred duo Anthony Demetre and Will Smith – which to me doesn’t mean a lot but I’m adding it to the post just in case anyone is impressed by the names rather than the actual venue and food.

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