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Green Door | Good Greek food in an eatery under development

One of the best things about this here blog is that people have started sending me ideas about places I should go to, things I should do and food I should eat. My friend  Eliza from Nation of Two Plus One, contacted me the other day and asked me a question to which she knew the answer. “Do you want to have good Greek food that feels like Greek food?” Other than the affirmative there can be no other answer.

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Ergon | Actual Greek food

I have been living in London for 12 years so far and have been looking for a Greek restaurant with food that actually feels Greek. Sure, there is ‘pretend’ Greek, in the same way, I imagine, that there is ‘pretend’ Italian and ‘pretend’ Chinese – i.e. the British market’s interpretation of those national cuisines. Not always a bad thing but being Greek the situation with Greek restaurants irks me.

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