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Sokhiev conducts Berlioz | Opium, dresses and other adventures

Do I actually understand classical music? Definitely not in the way that I understand dance. After all, I used to do ballet but my experience with a musical instrument is limited. Naturally, that cannot stop me being moved by certain concerts (orchestras would be out of work if that was the case).

I went to my first Philharmonia concert of the season yesterday, titled Sokhiev conducts Berlioz – which included some other pieces too and a sufficiently famous soloist – as these things do. Continue reading

How to book cheap(er) tickers for the Royal Opera House

I’ve been living in London for 12 years and it took me ages to figure out how to get seats at the Royal Opera House for opera and ballet and how to get those tickets cheap(er).

Granted, there are some performances that anything less than £60 is highly unlikely. However, I go to at least one – two performances a month, ever since I discovered how it can be done.

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Italian Fashion at the V&A (yes, it’s glamorous)

As a gift (don’t ask), I purchased tickets for The Glamour of Italian Fashion, a lovely retrospective at the V&A, narrating the history of the people and companies responsible for those well dressed Italians from 1945 to 2014.

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