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Special occasion? Wild Honey hits the spot

Wild Honey is the perfect place for a special occasion. Great food cooked to perfection, great balance of tastes on each plate, friendly service and an elegant venue (if a bit too old British).  Continue reading

Marco Pierre White Steakhouse – Newcastle | Excellent in every way

This is one of those posts where I am happily going to say positive things. If you are bored and don’t want to read the whole thing here’s the gist of it. Next time you are in Newcastle book dinner at the Marco Pierre White Steakhouse and you will definitely not regret it.

For the people who like reading my stuff, here’s the story: Continue reading

Jamie’s Italian | Definitely not Italian

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. (You know this will not be good, right?)

The s.o. and I were up n Newcastle and we decided to go to Jamie’s “Italian” for lunch. What a mistake. And it’s upsetting too cause I think Jamie Oliver is adorable and talented. Continue reading

Berners Tavern | Bland food and rushed service in a great venue

Berners Tavern has all the makings of a great restaurant. An all star team (see Jason Atherton and Phil Carmichael), a breathtaking room, a brilliant wine list and a menu with sufficiently impressive sounding dishes. Somehow though – and I am really amazed that this is actually possible – it all counts for nothing. Berners Tavern was simply disappointing.

I have said from the beginning that for whatever reason I tend to see things differently. And food is definetely something that I couldn’t care less what the specialists think or how famous the chefs are. This is about me having a meal I enjoy. And even though I accept I am in the minority view here, this is my personal blog and the fact is that Berners Tavern is associated with just one phrase in my mind: NEVER AGAIN. Continue reading

Comptoir Libanais | Yummy and cheerful

This past week I’ve gone to the Comptoir Libanais twice so I thought I should sit down and write about it.

Last weekend the s.o. and I were walking around for hours (don’t ask) and we really needed some nice food so we thought we could try the Comptoir Libanais at Chelsea (we just happened to be there. I love the food market there by the way). That same week I had dinner with the gals and we also ended up at Comptoir Libanais in Soho.

Continue reading

La Petite Maison | Faultless for a special occasion

We had two reasons to go to La Petite Maison. First of all, one of our friends is a talented chef and he works in their kitchen. Secondly, it seemed to be an ideal place for a special occasion. It was.

Try to book as early as possible. I called about ten days earlier and I managed to get a table for ten (in the evening, yes). This is not an issue for us – we are Greek and prefer eating late generally. On that particular occasion we also had tickets for La Soirée (will blog about it soon) which finished around nine thirty, so ten was just right. Continue reading

The sunshine menu at Aqua Kyoto

Sushi seems to be de rigueur lately but I never warmed to it. It’s the fish. I don’t like fish too much so eating it raw is my idea of a nightmare. So, the only sushi I actually eat is the lame prawn or salmon ones which is arguably not real sushi at all. So, how come I ended up in Aqua Kyoto?

Well, first of all I had heard amazing things about the venue. Second, for a while they have introduced a sunshine/ vitamin D set menu which sounded good even for a sushi-phobe like moi. Continue reading

Green Door | Good Greek food in an eatery under development

One of the best things about this here blog is that people have started sending me ideas about places I should go to, things I should do and food I should eat. My friend  Eliza from Nation of Two Plus One, contacted me the other day and asked me a question to which she knew the answer. “Do you want to have good Greek food that feels like Greek food?” Other than the affirmative there can be no other answer.

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Ergon | Actual Greek food

I have been living in London for 12 years so far and have been looking for a Greek restaurant with food that actually feels Greek. Sure, there is ‘pretend’ Greek, in the same way, I imagine, that there is ‘pretend’ Italian and ‘pretend’ Chinese – i.e. the British market’s interpretation of those national cuisines. Not always a bad thing but being Greek the situation with Greek restaurants irks me.

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Les Deux Salons | Decent food in a lovely venue (oh, and the bread)

Les Deux Salons is one of those restaurants that are very decent. It does not boast heart-stopping food, the service is so and so but overall the experience is good – if a little bit on the expensive side.

Apparently it is the third venture from Michelin–starred duo Anthony Demetre and Will Smith – which to me doesn’t mean a lot but I’m adding it to the post just in case anyone is impressed by the names rather than the actual venue and food.

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