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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by the Royal Ballet | Purely phantasmagoric

I love the Christmas ballet offerings in London. On top of that, you might remember that I loved the first Christopher Wheeldon ballet I saw (The Winter’s tale and I was blown away). It was time therefore, to catch Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Now, you have to understand. I am a book person. I *love* the humor and the wordplay of Lewis Carroll’s book even though I read it in the original English when I was quite old. How the hell would it translate to ballet was a key question. Well, put Wheeldon together with Joby Talbot (music) and Bob Crowley (designs) and witness the miracle. Continue reading

Bribe, beg and all the rest to see The Winter’s Tale at the Royal Opera House

I don’t expect this to be happening too often (I am a bit of a nag) but this is a post where I’m going to be raving about EVERYTHING.

If you know me (some people have been reading me for a number of years through my other online activities) and trust me (a smaller percentage no doubt) you only need to know this: DO EVERYTHING IN YOUR POWER to watch The Winter’s Tale. There.

Continue reading