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How to stay calm before your wedding

The comment I hear from people most often these days is that I look very calm. I assume that this is because a week before one’s wedding one should be breaking out in hives, dealing with the Great Napkin Disaster of 2018 and being a breath away from packing it all in and cancelling the wedding. The comment is understandable in part because I can be Anxiety Central. And yet,  I’m very zen these days.

Here is how I did it. Might be useful to you one day, you never know when someone will randomly pop the question.

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We believe in artists: Three rings to rule them all

This is not the story of the endless succession of jewellers we visited until we thought all rings looked the same. Nor is it the story of the myriad of things we had to learn about diamonds. It’s not even the story of the hot shot designer’s salesperson who insisted on telling me what I wanted even though it was the complete opposite of what I had just said. It’s actually the story about rings that has a happy ending and Lily Kamper made it happen.  Continue reading

We believe in artists: Our wedding invitations

Very early on, we decided that our wedding would be just that. Ours. And even though that has not always been possible and we have been forced by love and law to not behead our families and them us, there are still things that are a perfect representation of who we are.  Like our wedding invitations.  Continue reading

How I learned to stop worrying and love Greek wedding traditions (not)

Do you know how many mains the average Greek family cooks to convince the other family that they are hospitable (and not poor)? Four. This does not include salads, sides, entrees and desserts (all in stomach stretching and waistline expanding plural). Welcome, to the wonderful world of the Greek pre-wedding ritual.  Continue reading

How to have a small wedding abroad and survive your Greek family’s wrath

To save you the trouble of reading the rest of the post here is the easy answer: Be sufficiently old (over 35 will do) or sufficiently independent for them to have given up on you ever tying the knot – making just the fact that you are getting married enough for them to be eternally relieved and grateful for about five minutes.  Continue reading