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Last weekend we were in Durham (and will probably be there quite a lot in the coming year) and it was the first time visiting the city for both my self and the s.o.

Apart for how beautiful Durham is, we were very pleased with the selection of coffee shops and outside spaces (especially me since smoking inside is er…. illegal). The pubs do not hold the same appeal to us. Even though I suspect this is sacrilege to the British psyche, coffee is a lot more important than beer.

We were dying for a nice cup of coffee and the interwebz for very complimentary of Flat White. They were right.

Flat White is not as difficult to find like other places in Durham (labyrinth anyone?) it is in a little courtyard behind Elvet Bridge. This might actually be a bit of a busy spot generally since it leads to the river-front but at the moment the path is closed to pedestrians so Flat White’s outside space if very quiet.

The place is really cosy and I can see how sitting in a corner during the winter with a book and sipping coffee would be a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

On Saturday though it was too hot inside so we sat at a nice little table outside. They did forget our order and we had to go inside and check. Even though their coffee is really good they were very polite about it all (I hate the obnoxious barristas I have to deal with in some places in London) so no harm done.

We did not try any of the sandwiches or cakes so I am writing this post to praise the coffee, plain and simple. A great blend, not too bitter, well roasted and aromatic. They know what they are doing with the cappuccino and flat white, as the balance of ingredients was just right.

I especially loved the deep green crockery and the quirky decorative touches with pillows, wooden tables and bits and bobs around the place.

Definitely one to visit and keep visiting.

Disclosure: We went to Flat White on 16 August 2014 and paid for our coffees in full. No prior discussion with the coffee shop took place.
Flat White Durham
21 Elvet Bridge
T: 077 8995 1149

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