Graphic | A brilliant place with great cocktails

Here’s the short version. Graphic is a lovely bar in the centre of London with great cocktails and really nice music for fun and dancing. There. Here follows the gossip.

I was looking for a venue for my leaving do (yes, I’m leaving my current job, I know, msg me for the news if we’re friends). The office being in central London you’re spoiled for choice. Thank fuck too since I really don’t like pubs. Have I mentioned this before? (there is a crazy glint in my eye).

We don’t have pubs in Greece (unless we are talking about one or two Irish ones just for the heck of it in Athens). They are not part of the culture. We don’t go for a quick pint after work, we go for a quick coffee. And when we go out, we go to bars and clubs (OK, I will admit, there are bouzoukia too).

So there was no way I would be having my leaving do at a pub. Instead I started looking around for a nice bar. Graphic had great reviews, some colleagues recommended it and it also did not ask for a minimum spend. This is wise. Other bars asking for a minimum spend lost out, trust me.

Graphic is *above ground* (I loathe underground bars) and quite roomy. It feels industrial (especially the ceiling and painted garage doors) and then in the middle of all the concrete there are some faded leather couches – very old establishment.


Their cocktails is where they shine. Apparently they have a huge selection of gin labels – not to be sneezed at, right? I’m not a straight up gin gal so I tried the cocktails – they have a great list. Do try the Green punch (it really is green) or the Jack Daniels with banana thingy. The later comes with a super yummy brownie, don’t ask me why.

Graphic Bar

We really had loads of fun with the music. The brilliant lady behind the decks was reading the room, combining some fun and cheesy stuff with a number of well known dance tunes (even I knew them). It was a great soundtrack to work mates just having a good time and dancing (or rather jumping up and down).

The crowd is cool too. Due to the location you can see how the media/ PR population descends to graphic, all shiny smiles and skinny jeans. Well, my next job is in Shoreditch and I’ll probably get assimilated by Hipster Central so I shouldn’t talk.

Here’s another thing I really liked. The next day, the lovely Marika (hope I spelled that right) gave me a call to check if we had fun and if everything was ok with our booking. Now, that I didn’t expect! Brilliant move.

Overall we were treated really well and we will definitely be going again on a weekend, when I’m sure the place will be buzzing.

Disclosure: We went to Graphic on 12 February 2015 and paid our bill in full. No prior discussion with the bar took place. Header photo by Graphic (used by kind permission) – without them having advance view of the post. 
4 Golden Square
Tel: 0207 287 9241

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