My list for Athens

My list of cool things to do/ see/ drink/ eat in Athens. Primarily for me to remember but hey, you might enjoy them too.

Know more good places? Let me know, I’ll visit and consider adding to the list.

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Great breakfast served at the restaurant of the Acropolis Museum. Sit on the veranda and gaze at the Acropolis while having yummy food sourced from small Greek producers.
Acropolis Museum,15 Dionysiou Areopagitou Street,Athens 11742

I am a great fun of the New Hotel breakfast. Excellent for business meetings and the service cannot be faulted.
New Hotel, 16, Filellinon Stt, 10557 Syntagma sq. Athens, Greece

Escape the Athens heat by going down to Flisvos. Great fish and seafood at Nisos.
Nisos, Marina Flisvou, Paleo Faliro (walk past TGI Fridays and keep going till you see Nisos on your left hand side) 

Looking for a vegetarian, vegan or gluten free yummy lunch? Head on to Avocado in the centre of Athens.
Avocado, Nikis 30, Athens, 105 57, Greece

For a hole in the wall with superb kebab and souvlaki go to Elvis. It’s a true legend and a favourite haunt of Athenians.
Elvis, Plataion 29, 104 35, Athens, Greece.

MUST DO – To wow your friends with dinner go to Kuzina during the summer and when you call to book ask for a terrace table. Spend the evening munching away their generous portions of great food and gaze at the Acropolis and the Thiseion.
Kuzina, Andrianou 9, Thiseio, Athens. 


Head to Tranzistor if you are looking for a quick bite, coffee or drinks in the hipster heart of Athens. Very yummy food. Great small boutiques around too.
Tranzistor, Protogenous 10, Psiri, Athens, Greece

For the one of the most *authentic* eateries in the centre of Athens head to Rozalia and ask for a list of Mayirefta (i.e. pot/ oven dishes). Choose from standard fare that you would expect from a Greek mother.
Rozalia, Valtetsiou 54, Exarchia Square, Athens.  

In the mood for something (extremely) sweet? Visit Ta Sermpetia. Athenians love their chocolate pie but I highly recommend their Ekmek.
Ta Sermpetia, Eschilou 3, Psyrri, Athens, Greece. 

Yummy food at ManiMani

Want to sample food from other regions of Greece? Go to ManiMani and be amazed by their creations, based on traditional food from Mani. Every single dish rocks and the service is exceptional.
ManiMani, Falirou 10, Athens, Greece (Extremely close to the Acropolis Museum) 

If you are in Piraeus and want a real “koutouki” (a small taverna) with some live music the *book* for Pirofani Tou Pirea. My sister and I love this place. Try their octopus and you’ll be amazed.
Pirofani, Dodekanisou & Parodos Chiou 1, Kaminia Square, Piraeus, Greece. 

Even if you are not in Piraeus get in a taxi and head on over to “To Kapilio tou Zachou“. This is a personal favourite for both me and my dad. Very reasonable prices and great seafood. Excellent choice for meze but do not be fooled, you will eat a lot cause everything is great.
To Kapilio tou Zachou, Komotinis 37, Kaminia, Piraeus. 


Holy Spirit
For cocktails head to the South of the city, at the new riche Glyfada. Check out Holy Spirit which boasts a great list of creations (try Brazilian Chick)
Holy Spirit, Laodikis 41, Glyfada, Greece 

If you are a fan of molecular mixology (good lord) then go around the corner at Momix. Their space is beautiful. They now have a number of other branches too, check out their website.
Mom, Poseidonos 81 & Dousmani 3, Glyfada, Greece

View from Public

For the best view of Syntagma Square and the Greek Parliament go to the Public shop and go to the 5th floor. Sit outside for coffee, acceptable sandwiches and a great view.
Public, Karagiorgi Servias 1, Syntagma, Athens, Greece 

Dear #Athens I just love your #coffee shops.

For “artisan coffee” and a piece of the hipsters’ paradise go to Tailor Made. Friends swear by their cocktails but I’ve only had their awesome coffee.
Tailor Made, Plateia Agias Eirinis 2, Athens, Greece. 

Wanna slum it a bit at the always genuine and Piraeus? Go to Gazi College at Pasalimani after a nice walk around the marina. Grab a beer. There’s food as well and I really liked their burgers.
Gazi College, Grigoriou Lampraki Avenue 117, Piraeus, Greece


Check out Tin Pan Alley‘s website for any concerts, parties or shows. This is a modular event space and it’s STRICTLY no smoking (a rarity in Athens). Stuff usually not happening during the summer.
Tin Pan Alley, Tournavitou 6, Asomaton Square, Athens, Greece 

If in Athens in the late summer check out the website of the Athens Festival for all things theatre, art and music.

For an unmatched view of the city take the cable car up to Lycabettus. There’s a restaurant/ coffee shop up there too that’s very decent.
Cable car, Ploutarchou and Aristippou St., Kolonaki, Athens, Greece. 

If you have a car, climb up to the Lycabettus theatre and sit on the wall to watch the city below along with the Athenian youngsters who will probably be listening to music from their iPhones (used to be from their car stereos). For the most authentic experience have some beers with you or even sunflower seeds to munch.


Disclosure: This is my *personal* list of stuff in Athens. No deals with any of the places mentioned. 




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