We believe in artists: Our wedding invitations

Very early on, we decided that our wedding would be just that. Ours. And even though that has not always been possible and we have been forced by love and law to not behead our families and them us, there are still things that are a perfect representation of who we are.  Like our wedding invitations. 

When you have a tiny wedding, half the world believes they can tell you where you should save money (even if you don’t want to) and wedding invitations are usually the first thing they suggest you nix.

I do have a fascination with non tangible invitations – but only if they are  delivered in the style of my mum’s village, Palaio Gynaikokastro in Kilkis. Keeping in mind that for a wedding you would invite the whole village, you grab 2 or 3 young cousins, give them a bottle of raki or liqueur and send them to knock on the door of every.single.house. I remember these skinny kids coming around, offering a little glass of drink and reciting:

“Auntie, Kostas the Woodchopper (cause they all have nicknames) is marrying his son to a girl from Kilkis and they invite you to the wedding” followed by the date (cause the time was always implied and the venue was obviously the village church). Now that would have been a cool invitation.

It would have been impossible in our case (a girl can dream though) so we would have to consider two things instead. Our love of paper and my conviction that artists are magical creatures.

Some time ago, I needed some work on a non typical CV (a story for another time probably) and the awesome Sugarenia suggested Pink Moustache – aka Helen Gkizi.

I had admired her work from afar and she created some lovely content for me, including this beauty for my website.

Your truly by PinkMoustache

You can see how there would be nobody else that I would have approached for our wedding invitations.

Helen created an invitation that we are now printing and putting on our wall because it is exactly right. Every single person receiving it calls us and tells us how appropriate it is, how fitting.

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This is what artists do. They *get* what you mean and can’t put into words, they probe, they understand the style better than I could ever understand it because they have a way of looking at the world that is different from mine. And I love it. I might be an insufferable know-it-all (at times) but I know my limitations. And being a visual artist is not one of my strengths so I trust the talented people I know.

This, I highly recommend. If you are organising a special event, find the right artist and work with them to create something that is unique and special, we have not regretted it and did exactly the same with the engagement ring and wedding bands (again, a story for a future post).

For being this incredibly talented person, my dear Pink Moustache, thank you.


Wanna check out her work?
Dribbble: https://dribbble.com/helen-gkizi
Behance: http://www.behance.net/vectorstories
Twitter: @PinkMoustache

Disclosure: This is not a paid or promotional post.


3 thoughts on “We believe in artists: Our wedding invitations”

  1. You believe in artist, I believe in true love! You guys are perfect together. Have a great wedding day and a wonderful life!

    Thank you for trusting me <3

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