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We believe in artists: Our wedding invitations

Very early on, we decided that our wedding would be just that. Ours. And even though that has not always been possible and we have been forced by love and law to not behead our families and them us, there are still things that are a perfect representation of who we are.  Like our wedding invitations.  Continue reading We believe in artists: Our wedding invitations

Pretty Village, Pretty Flame

I remember the siege of Dubrovnik, have I ever mentioned that? I was 11 at the time, safe in the knowledge that food was being cooked, the school would be there the next morning and my sister would fall asleep before me so that I could read my book under the duvet. The city burning was like something out of one of my books. I could understand it in terms of what I knew or what I was being taught at school, like the 1453 siege of Constantinople perhaps. Continue reading Pretty Village, Pretty Flame