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My list for Nairobi

One more of my lists this time for Nairobi, Kenya. Things and places and stuff. Last updated: 5 December 2016.

<3 to A.R. who shared the Nairobi she loves with me and her memories of the place

My lists are always incomplete. Continue reading My list for Nairobi

Travel (and how it’s not about places)

Recently I have been lucky enough (or “blessed” as my American friends tend to say) to travel a lot.

I was going through my photos from a recent trip to Italy tonight, trying to select the ones I’d like to print in a photo-book (yes, I do that, I know I’m old school).

It’s funny. We all take photos of interesting places and most of us, my self included, never manage to capture the essence of a place. Continue reading Travel (and how it’s not about places)

List of awesomeness in Istanbul

This is part “how was my trip” post and part “here is a list of cool things to do in Istanbul”.

My lovely mother (@mamadespina), sister (@theodoragk) and I went to Istanbul for a few days in September to spend time together (we don’t live in the same country) and celebrate my name day (don’t ask).

Serious hat tip to A. who was my guide in the city before the ladies joined me and showed me how to navigate and choose nice places. Continue reading List of awesomeness in Istanbul

Why Warsaw is a lovely – but solemn – experience

Warsaw always sounded like a good place to visit. And it is. The Old Town is lovely, the cobbled streets picturesque and the brisk wind does you good (I hope. Thermometer back home so can’t tell).

As lovely as the city is, if you pay attention as you go around then it becomes a bit of a solemn experience. Continue reading Why Warsaw is a lovely – but solemn – experience