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Le Caprice | Old school and all the better for it

The s.o. has been doing his research, lovely guy that he is. As a treat for my birthday he took me to Le Caprice, a West End institution going strong after 30 years (I know, shocking). He has earned himself a whole load of cookie points and then some.

Le Caprice is tucked away in Arlington Street in a surprisingly quiet spot behind the Ritz. If it sounds glam, it’s because it is.

In a restaurant like that, the little details in service are what really set a place apart. We walked in with a booking and the maître d’ managed very discreetly and without me realising, to confirm a special little something that the s.o. had requested. Now that, is class. From our seats at the bar (we love the counter if you recall from my Bocca Di Lupo post) I could see the maître greeting the regulars like a pro (handshake for the men, sometimes a hug for the ladies or a peck on the cheek).
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