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We had two reasons to go to La Petite Maison. First of all, one of our friends is a talented chef and he works in their kitchen. Secondly, it seemed to be an ideal place for a special occasion. It was.

Try to book as early as possible. I called about ten days earlier and I managed to get a table for ten (in the evening, yes). This is not an issue for us – we are Greek and prefer eating late generally. On that particular occasion we also had tickets for La Soirée (will blog about it soon) which finished around nine thirty, so ten was just right.

Style wise, La Petite Maison is basically… bland. A nice space but nothing to write home about. It belongs to the type of restaurant that’s much more about the food and the service rather than the awesome interior. The s.o. thinks that’s exactly how good restaurants should be.

The thing that I can’t get over (apart from the food, but more on that below) was how many members of staff were in there! We are talking numbers, people! La Petite Maison is the type of place where you just have to *think* about something (more wine, more water, more bread) and someone is around to deliver. I should note however that this did not feel intrusive. Staff were not hovering, they were just there at the right time.

What we really enjoyed was the food.

La Petite Maison

We went for a nice salad (I want to say it was a Ceasar’s) and the Carpaccio de Boeuf. The s.o. being a bit of an expert on Carpaccio, he highly recommends it.

La Petite Maison

I went for the amazing pork chops, which were tender and… raw. OK, fine, the proper way to say it is “under cooked” and the chef recommends them that way. He is right but it does come as a bit of a shock when you see the pink side.

Médaillon de Chevreuil aux Châtaignes

The s.o. went for Médaillon de Chevreuil aux Châtaignes (which the menu reliably informs you is Loin of Venison with Chestnut). The sauce is bloody amazing (bloody. Like the Venison, which people tell me is the right way to cook it).

Mousse au Chocolat Chaud et Glace à l’Orge

We were too full for dessert but that has never stopped us (especially when we are talking about chocolate). The warm chocolate mousse was thick, yummy and basically a chocolate mousse with chocolate and some more chocolate. We both loved it.

Honorable mention goes to the sommelier,  a polite and knowledgeable gentleman who tried to recommend wines based on our food choices and the information we gave him (I was most unhelpful when explaining what I like and dislike – using all the wrong words – but he did get it).

Crowd-wise we are talking 20-30 years younger than Le Caprice. We saw the trendy people in there and very few families. Surprisingly,  many people in their twenties too (Amazing hair, impeccable manicures, you get the picture).

Last word: We loved it. This is an unapologetically high quality restaurant without pretensions. Staff members are very polite and welcoming (you could be excused for expecting snooty but they are lovely) and the food is *exactly* right in terms of quality and presentation. A definite thumbs up from us, an ideal spot for a special occasion.

Disclosure: We went to La Petite Maison on 08 November 2014 and paid for our meal in full. No prior discussion with the restaurant took place.

La Petite Maison
53-54 Brook’s Mews
London W1K 4EG
Tel: 020 7495 4774

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