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Amsterdam | A brilliant place (not for the obvious reasons)

If you are looking for a brilliant city – filled with lovely people and great things to do – Amsterdam is a good choice. Forget the rumours, Amsterdam is much more than what you had heard when you were sixteen. Continue reading Amsterdam | A brilliant place (not for the obvious reasons)

Proper Greek food (from the Greeks)

I have ranted in the past about ‘pretend’ Greek food which annoys me no end. In an effort to cheekily help out fans of Greek food, I started a new series of videos over on my other blog with my mum as my glamorous assistant.

First up is tzatziki – a.ka. The Garlic Breath of Death

Watch, subscribe, enjoy and feedback.


From a benefit makeover to a digital makeover

A friend from work had won a benefit boutique makeover, so we descended their Carnaby Street store on a Friday and sat around waiting to be made (more) beautiful. ūüėČ

There were five of us, laughing and taking photos as we went from our normal selves to versions more akin to those glossy magazine photos of young(ish) and health(ier) women. It was good fun, sitting around a pink room, with the make up artists asking what we would prefer and how we normally did our makeup.

So, makeup by a professional completed, my friend N. snapped a nice photo of me and I uploaded it on Instagram (and flickr). Continue reading From a benefit makeover to a digital makeover

A few days around Chalkidiki, Greece

The citizens of Thessaloniki and the surrounding areas have coined the phrase There is nothing like Chalkidiki and they throw it around every time anyone talks about any holiday destination. One of my best friends insists: “I’ve been everywhere. I’ve even been to Cuba. There is nothing like Chalkidiki“. You realise that they are a bit sensitive about the place.

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Watching Karagiozis, Greek shadow theatre

Last night I said ‘hello’ to shadow theatre figures and blew a kiss to my fave too. It had been 15 years since we had last set eyes on each other but the love is strong.

Fine, I’ll explain. I mentioned the other day when I wrote about the Rebetiko¬†Carnival¬†that there would also be a shadow theatre performance by Athos Danellis (a veritable legend).

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Taking to the skies with the North London Flying School

It was the s.o.’s birthday and seeing how he is head over heels with planes, what better surprise than a trial flight lesson. An idea which could have spectacularly backfired, considering how I love a number of things in theory but would never do them in practice. Thankfully, he was a trooper and enjoyed the experience thoroughly. Phew.

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I am loving Grand Central trains

Last weekend I went to Stockton for a bit of RnR which, believe you me, was sorely needed. I had a really lovely time observing the weather up North which is even weirder than London’s. Deluge of rain and then sunny. A bit cloudy and then sunny. Then back to the rain… Ah, Britain, how I love you.

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The Hippodrome Casino | The stark differences of advertising vs. reality

So there I was on a Friday afternoon, entering the Hippodrome Casino on Leicester Square (don’t ask). I have never in my life entered a venue where the difference between advertising and reality has been so big. Not to mention that I have never entered such a cheerfully depressing space.

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Reasons for starting the blog (if anyone cares)

Saturday selfie at the Royal Botanic Gardens #edinburghSo it sort of turns out that I do a number of things in London (and sometimes other places) that I’m losing count of. Which sucks in the age of¬†the interwebz. My old trusty system of collecting programmes works well for theatre (OK fine, and ballet and opera) but not for a lot else. Restaurants for example, or parks, or just strolls around town.

Starting the blog reason 1: Memory (mine)

Additionally I seem to do a lot of different stuff and approach them from my own perspective. I find opera quite nice and I’m not over 60. I also love the National Gallery and I have next to zero knowledge of art. I eat (a lot) and I am not too snooty to like chain restaurants or shit places with one amazing dish. Also (and this is quite important) being Greek in London gives me a bit of a weird perspective (I like to think so) – so my choices are a bit weird too. They are always honest too. No pretentious crap, no lies. These are things I do and¬†my opinions.¬†You are very welcome to disagree (even better if you do).

Starting the blog reason 2: Weirdness (and honesty)

Finally I’ve been blogging (personal, food) for many, many, many, many, many, many years and this is too damn fun.

Starting the blog reason 3: Fun

So there.

P.S. Turns out I also cannot find a proper photo of me in front of a London monument, hence the selfie from the Botanical Gardens up in Edinburgh. No London tourist pics? It’s cause I bloody live here, right? Damn. This has to be rectified.¬†