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Graphic | A brilliant place with great cocktails

Here’s the short version. Graphic is a lovely bar in the centre of London with great cocktails and really nice music for fun and dancing. There. Here follows the gossip.

I was looking for a venue for my leaving do (yes, I’m leaving my current job, I know, msg me for the news if we’re friends). The office being in central London you’re spoiled for choice. Thank fuck too since I really don’t like pubs. Have I mentioned this before? (there is a crazy glint in my eye). Continue reading Graphic | A brilliant place with great cocktails

Polpetto (let’s go again)

It was the Italian Saturday. We had been to The Glamour of Italian Fashion and we were about to die of hunger.

I had heard really good things about an Italian around Soho but seeing how it was all booked (pre-theatre dinner anyone?) we decided to try somewhere else. Browsing on my phone I remembered having read nice things about Polpetto (couldn’t remember what things) and so we headed that way.

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