Buffet van Odette in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities. So far that is, since as you have seen I’ve been travelling quite a lot. I am inclined to think though that it’s one of the best cities in the world already and food has a lot to do with that.

Case in point, a gem that my lovely friend P. discovered and took us to the other day, Bugget van Odette.

Don’t expect awesome surroundings. This is a homely and lovely space, comfortable and cosy. The service is friendly and efficient, explaining dishes and helping with choices.

I love the little outside space they have where younger people were having coffee and smoking while exchanging gossip in quick Dutch (what a fascinating language).

We went for dinner and even though I expected the portions to be small they are actually just right.

I had the Ravioli (eggplant and truffle) and it was incredibly yummy. A bit too much oil for my taste (and that’s a Greek speaking). The charcuterie was really good too and I can highly recommend their autumn vegetables which were cooked to perfection.

I can see myself going back for nice easy going dinners with friends. Looked like a great place for a quiet date too (assuming you actually want to have a conversation).

All in all, top marks.

Disclosure: We went to Buffet van Odette on 21 October 2015 and paid our bill in full. No prior discussion or heads up to the restaurant.
BUFFET van Odette
Prinsengracht 598
1017 KS Amsterdam
Tel – 020 423 60 34

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