Tailor Made cocktail bar | Tel Aviv

As I walked on Allenby – one of the busiest streets in Tel Aviv – I wasn’t sure what sort of bar I would find at number 99. Tel Aviv is one of those cities where one can find anything when it comes to bars. Formal, loud, for hipsters, for students, easygoing, not so easygoing… the city has a lively nightlife and no mistake.

Tailor Made is what I found at the end of a tiny alleyway. It opens up to a lovely courtyard and at the back is the bar proper. It’s a curious construction – there is a seating area inside and a bar in a narrow corridor. This jumble of rooms just adds to the charm.

The food is incredibly yummy and I would recommend grabbing dinner there. Their pulled beef in steamed buns was brilliant and I also tried their really good focaccia. The staff has infinite patience in explaining the dishes too.

When it comes to cocktails I’d say TRUST the barman. He really pays attention and will ask questions to serve you a cocktail that works for you. Just let him know if you like sweet, sour or anything else and he’ll work his magic.

This was one of those places in Tel Aviv where I felt incredibly at home. If you like the hipster bars of London or the Athens central cocktail bars then this is the place for you. Young unpretentious crowd, good food and brilliant cocktails.

Disclosure: We went to Tailor Made on 06 September 2015. No prior discussion or heads up to the restaurant.
Tailor Made
99 Allenby st.
Tel Aviv

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