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This past week I’ve gone to the Comptoir Libanais twice so I thought I should sit down and write about it.

Last weekend the s.o. and I were walking around for hours (don’t ask) and we really needed some nice food so we thought we could try the Comptoir Libanais at Chelsea (we just happened to be there. I love the food market there by the way). That same week I had dinner with the gals and we also ended up at Comptoir Libanais in Soho.

Let’s talk food first of all. You can’t go wrong with their mezze platters. If you get one for two people there is good enough variety and enough yummies to get you started.

Mezze Platter for two - photo kindly provided by Comptoir Libanais
Mezze Platter for two – photo kindly provided by Comptoir Libanais

Instead of what most people understand as pita (and what the photo shows) you get lebanese bread which is flatter and I think yummier. Goes a treat with hummus and baba ghanoush. As you might remember I am a big bread devotee so it always seems to be that there is less than I would like but objectively it’s a good quantity.

The falafel wrap is huge but personally, I didn’t like it at all. And that’s weird cause the falafel that comes on the mezze platter is actually quite yummy.

Lamb & prunes tagine, kindly provided by Comptoir Libanais
Lamb & prunes tagine – photo kindly provided by Comptoir Libanais

Where they shine is with their tagines. I had the kofta tagine and tried a lamb and prunes tagine. Both were well – balanced and spicy enough. I love their couscous too, so fluffy and light!

Overall, you get a lot of food. You don’t think it’s a lot when you see it but actually you walk out of there completely full. Not bad at all!

Let’s talk about the space as well. It’s colorful, it’s cheerful. I love how there is all sorts of produce I recognise and some that I don’t. Pomegranate syrup? I need to find a recipe for that!

Sadly the tables are small and too close together (I hate that in restaurants).  I would point out that some of the tables at the Chelsea branch are right next to a door that people are asked not to use by way of a polite notice (but it’s unlocked either way) and the cold in that part of the restaurant was out of this world. Less tables would work brilliantly as well as doing something about the drafts. Having said that, they have nice seating in the courtyard and I can see how this would be a great spot during the summer.

A few quick words on the service. Really upbeat and patient. Especially the bloke with the amazing mustache at Soho was very nice and smiling at all times, even though he had to deal with the craziness of 8 women after work wanting to eat… yesterday.

Overall I would say this goes on my list of places for ‘during the week’ quick dinners or weekend lunches along with Busaba and Wagamama. Some of their plates are really yummy (so choose what you like, I wouldn’t say that everything  I tried was to my liking) and it has a nice laid back atmosphere. I suspect it can be a great spot for catching up with a mate and seeing who will flinch first if you do follow the official advice and eat with your fingers.

Disclosure: We went to Comptoir Libanais on 06 December 2014 (Chelsea) and 09 December 2014 (Soho) and paid for our meals in full. I requested photographs from the lovely Sarah from the restaurant  but they have not seen this post prior to publication.

Attribution: All photos kindly provided by Comptoir Libanais.
Comptoir Libanais
(they r updating their website – in the meantime see the old version)

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